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We are proud of our military. Especially during the holidays, it is important that our soldiers know they are always in our thoughts.

Between November 27th and December 24th, 2019, Canadians can create a FREE, personalized greeting card to thank our deployed troops for their service over the holiday season. These cards will be included in the Op Santa Claus packages that are sent to each and every deployed member.

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Every year, thanks to the generous contributions of our corporate partners, we deliver holiday packages to our deployed Canadian Armed Forces members worldwide who are away from loved ones during the holiday season.

The Operation Santa Claus care packages contain comforts of home and provide our military with the comfort in knowing that the nation recognizes their dedication and sacrifice. The packages continue to be an integral part in helping lift the spirits of our deployed members during the difficult time away from their family and friends.


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Canada has a long and proud tradition of supporting various missions all around the world, making sure to bring aid to those who need it most. Unfortunately, serving our country means that they often miss certain things at home, and that includes being away from their loved ones during the holidays.

In 1992 three soldiers who had experienced firsthand how difficult the holidays could be separated from family, decided to make a difference. LCol Dave Marshall, Maj Roger Gauthier and Maj Bert Larsen (G1 Services 3) decided that if Canadian soldiers couldn’t be at home for the holidays, perhaps they could bring a piece of home to them. In order to be able to get what they wanted out to the thousands of deployed men and women around the world, they needed help from their community and local businesses. The support and generosity from their community, and eventually all Canadians, was bigger than they ever thought possible. Eventually, a warehouse was needed to store everything, with Army Cadets and Scouts helping to package all the gifts when the time came.

Once the packing was complete, the next issue was logistics. How were they going to send thousands of packages out to all our deployed men and women? Finally, the committee identified a ship leaving from Quebec City that could convey the gifts, which meant packing up the trucks and heading off to Quebec City.

Despite their best efforts, once they got there they found out that the ship had already departed without their precious cargo. The committee was not willing to give up. They knew these gifts were too important, a way to lift the spirits of our troops and let them know that people were thinking of them at home during the holidays. However, after a flurry of phone calls, the ship was convinced to turn back to port and the gifts were loaded aboard.

With that shipment, Operation Santa Clause was born, and every year since for the past 26 years, this tradition has been kept alive through the generosity of the Canadian people and corporate Canada. Each year Op Santa delivers a small piece of hope, home and love during the holiday season to soldiers who have given up so much for duty, honour and their country.

Operation Santa Claus is a yearlong effort that can’t be completed without the generous support and contributions of Corporate Canada. Each year, from January to March, Operation Santa Claus actively seeks contributions from Corporate Canada to fill the packages and to lift the spirit of the deployed troops over the holidays. The following is a timeline of the Operation Santa Claus Program:

If your company or corporation is interested in getting involved with Operation Santa Claus, please contact Account Executive, Jennifer Mawhinney:

Over the past 25 years Operation Santa has helped provide a piece of home to our men and women serving overseas during the holiday season.

Here are just a few of the testimonials from our soldiers about the impact Operation Santa Claus packages have had on them:

I wish to thank you for the heartfelt and thoughtful Christmas packages you prepared and sent to each of us deployed in Eastern Europe this past Christmas season. The men and woman at this mission very much appreciated the gifts and the wide array of goodies it contained. There is no doubt in my mind that it helped bring everyone a bit of holiday cheer while they were away from loved ones this holiday season.

As you are well aware it is not easy being away from home for extended periods of time, and care packages often help to ease the burden and help a soldier feel more connected and thought of during their time away.

- Operation Reassurance 2016

I found the care package to be outstanding and I wouldn’t change anything! The package was full of significant items and I was really impressed with the thought that was placed into everything in the package.  All of these items were met with a warm reception by all soldiers and nothing went to waste because if a soldier preferred certain items over another, we gathered stock for consumption during our weekly movie night. For a short period of time, it was a little piece of home that made every soldier feel significant.  We cannot convey enough thanks to all involved with this venture.

- Operation Impact 2016

Thank you for the gift boxes and from all of us here, thank you for brightening our holiday season, it is appreciated! All gift boxes were handed out by our designated Santa as part of the Christmas dinner. All gifts were well receive, thank you again!

- Operation Proteus 2014

I’m a member of 2 CER over sea's in Iraq. We opened the Christmas presents everyone loved everything. The letters from all over Canada were unreal and its cool seeing people close to home send letters.

- 2017

Get involved with Operation Santa Claus and help provide a piece of home to our deployed troops during the holiday season!

We look to Corporate Canada to provide bulk items to help fill packages with gifts for our deployed troops.

If you are a company, or corporation and want to get involved with Operation Santa Claus, please contact Account Executive, Jennifer Mawhinney, for more information: