Helpful Tips and Tools

Determine Type of Event
1 Determine what type of event you are going to have.
Form an Organizing Committee
2 Form an organizing committee. Fundraising events require a great deal of time and energy. Recruiting enthusiastic and focused team members will help create a successful event.
Set a Budget
3 Set a budget. Be as realistic as possible to have a better estimate on how much you will raise.
Determine Your Audience
4 Determine your audience. This is key so that you can provide your event successfully.
Set the Date
5 Set the date. Remember that the date of your event needs to be convenient for participants and spectators. Take a look and see what’s already happening in your community.
Logistics and Venues
6 Logistics and venues. You may need to book several months in advance. Give yourself enough time!
Promote Your Event
7 Promote your event through social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to spread the word.
Professionalism and Kindness
8 Professionalism and Kindness. Remember why you are doing the fundraising event and share your story. Thank those who helped make the event a success.