Dear Fellow Canadians,

(Photo credit: CFMWS)

I am Major (Ret’d) Jay Feyko and I am writing to tell you about the difference you can make.

Like many Canadians, sport has played a large role in who I am today.  The benefits of sport were evident over my 22 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces. I found team sports and the military culture share many facets such as a strong sense of camaraderie and a collective will to achieve a goal or mission.

This was especially true on Operations and even more so after my 2003-2004 deployment to Afghanistan.  My tour ended abruptly when, on patrol, a suicide bomber detonated four feet from our vehicle, killing one of our platoon members and leaving myself and two others wounded.  I sustained multiple critical shrapnel wounds including the loss of vision in my right eye.

My recovery is motivated by role models and the desire to be as close to the same person after injury as I was before injury.  Sport played a large part in my initial recovery both mentally and physically and gave me the opportunity to reconnect with others and accept my new limitations.

In 2010, I was introduced to Soldier On and its philosophy resonated with me as it is how I continue to navigate my own recovery.  Now as the Senior Manager of Soldier On, I have the absolute privilege to use my experience to help serving and retired women and men, whose lives’ have been significantly altered through their sacrifice and service to Canada, actualize their recovery and rehabilitation through the transformative power of sport.

Soldier On has supported over 4500 members with a physical and/or mental illness or injury and the program continues to grow.  Over the last two years, Soldier On has had a 105% increase in members reaching out to reclaim their life. This increase is due to the power of positive results.  Word of mouth has been strong and I am proud to be in a position to assist my peers on their path to adapt and overcome.

Please join me in making a difference by helping other members and their families’ journey. Your support is instrumental in demonstrating to these courageous Canadians that they are not alone and you stand behind them in providing hope and a path toward recovery.

Pro Patria,
Major (Ret’d) J.M. Feyko, MSM, CD
Senior Manager, Soldier On

P.S. At this time of year, your tax-deductible gift goes directly to programs that care for members with a physical and/or mental illness or injury and contributes to empowering family resiliency. Thank you.