Honouring those who serve

Dear fellow Canadians,

I have had the privilege of standing under the Canadian flag as it was raised in victory both at home and abroad. I have led our nation’s athletes onto the world stage as a flag bearer. It’s one thing to play for your country, but completely another to serve it. It takes guts, passion and selflessness of another level.

One of my proudest accomplishments is being a mother of a Canadian Armed Forces member. As I think back to that fateful June day in 1944, the sacrifices made by those young men and women for the freedoms we have today is truly mind blowing. Our freedom comes at a cost.

As an Honorary Colonel in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I have quickly come to understand the difficulties experienced by the brave women, men and families of the Canadian Armed Forces community. I encourage you to consider the challenges experienced by today’s members and their families who face uncertainty and worry, lengthy absences, and the possibility of injury, illness or the loss of a loved one.

Today, I am asking you to join me in honouring and appreciating the sacrifice and dedication of the Canadians that serve our beautiful country.

Support Our Troops, the official charitable cause of the Canadian Armed Forces, directs
donations like yours to two funds, Family First and Soldier On, to support the devoted
Canadians who serve this country, and the spouses, partners and children who are the
strength behind the uniform.

Hockey has taught me that life is not about the wins, it is about the people. I am grateful that the Canadian Armed Forces prioritizes people first–mission always through the many programs and services available to support members and their families.

I hope you will stand with us once again to support the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families.

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Thank you.

Your teammate,