The RESPECT Campaign

The RESPECT Campaign is a collection of large banners that will be purchased and displayed by organizations with the aim of fostering public engagement, awareness and support for military members and veterans. The banners are available in various sizes and formats including exterior, interior and as window clings. 

Comprised of the Yellow Ribbon, a Maple Leaf and the word “RESPECT”, all funds from the sale of the banners will go directly to the Support Our Troops (SOT) Program.  The banners will be displayed across Canada beginning 06 June 2016 to commemorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  Organizations are encouraged to display their banners throughout the year, following the 06 June 2016 launch, to demonstrate their continued respect and support towards the Canadian Forces community.  

This campaign is supported by Canada Company, the leader in Military Employment Transition and The Respect Banner Campaign, a national organization dedicated to promoting respect for our serving military members and Veterans by raising awareness and funds to support various veteran and defence associations. 

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