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Recipient Spotlight

Meet Jolene


Give us an update! How is school going since receiving your scholarship? What are you studying, and what do you hope to
pursue after school?

Since receiving my scholarship, I have started my 4-year Bachelor of Arts at Brandon University in Manitoba. Currently I am majoring in Psychology and have not yet declared a minor. Many of my classes have helped me expand my horizons, presenting me with many options for pursuing a minor. I am strongly considering a minor in the Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Political Science, or Gender studies. Each are exciting fields and would benefit my post-grad plans of either obtaining my PhD in Psychology or becoming a Lawyer. I hope that as I continue my studies I will discover which path seems best suited to me or possibly find a new and exciting path, who knows maybe one day I’ll run in politics! University has been such an amazing experience so far, many
of my professors are quite impressed with my work and have invited me to join the honors programs of their faculties. Naturally there is much more work that needs to be done in a shorter period of time at University, so far I have been able to keep up with
the challenges earning a 3.7 out of 4 GPA in my first semester alone while continuing to work part-time at a local department store.

How did you learn about the Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program?

I learned about the Scholarship Program from my father, a Warrant Officer posted in Ontario.

Being from a military family, what has it meant to you to receive a scholarship from Support Our Troops?

Coming from a military family I have learned the hardships of living in a single parent household for extended periods of time. This has taught me many important financial decisions. It is amazing to see a group of people come together to reach out to individuals such as myself to let military families know that someone sees your struggle and your potential and that they care.

Why do you think scholarships for military families is so important?

Being a part of a military family is never easy, you learn to deal with loss and disappointment at an early age, but you also learn important life lessons. Much like other members of society, certain military families are more privileged than others giving rise to different types of struggles amongst households. Reaching out and taking time to hear ones story, letting them know that you see their future potential and that you care is so incredibly important to the children of military families, especially those who previously (such as myself) or continue to live in military provided housing on base, individuals who have suffered great loss, and those who have not been provided the opportunity to have their story heard.

What would you say to someone considering donating to the National Scholarship Program?

“Please go for it!” The National Scholarship fund is such an amazing and important initiative in supporting today’s youth as they pursue their passions in hopes of creating a better tomorrow. Knowing that so many individuals say what I had to offer and helped me pay for my schooling is such an incredible feeling and makes earning my degree that much more important. Without the support and kindness of strangers the
world would be a much darker place and I would have a much harder time trying to change the world into something better. If you believe that there are individuals who have something to offer in bettering the world, please provide them the opportunity to start. You may have positively impacted lives in more ways than you could imagine.

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