Thank You Freedom Syrup

For the last ten years, Bob Rowe has been running Freedom Syrup offering free syrup in exchange for donations. To date, Bob has raised $98,000 for Support Our Troops.  

Bob does this from the bottom of his heart, and for no other reason than to give back to the troops.  This year alone Freedom Syrup has brought in $28,000 to Support Our Troops.  $8,000 went to children of fallen members as part of a summer camp experience or a scholarship and $20,000 went towards helping those in the military community that were in greatest need.

Bob Rowe has been a dedicated member to our military community through more than his Freedom Syrup initiative. Every year, Freedom Syrup hosts a dedication ceremony for the 158 fallen in Afghanistan to honour their sacrifice and keep their memory alive. Freedom Syrup made nearly 1000 litres of syrup this past year to support families of the fallen and military families in distress.   

To learn more about Bob and his Freedom Syrup project watch this CTV News video.  

If you would like to contribute to Freedom Syrup visit the Freedom Syrup Facebook page to order maple syrup.