Edmonton Eskimos - CAF Appreciation Night


Edmonton Eskimos - CAF Appreciation Night

Come stand with us on June 29th, 2018 for the Edmonton Eskimos’ - Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night - presented by Epcor. For each limited-quantity $46 ticket you purchase, the Eskimos will donate $8 to the Support Our Troops Fund, and you can also show your support by purchasing a $5 bandana at the gate with proceeds going to the Fund as well.

The Support Our Troops Fund joins with local groups like the Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre to help families navigate the unique challenges of military life. Time away from loved ones, difficulties during deployments, solo parenting and coping with an injury or loss are all unfortunate realities for some military families. Thanks to Epcor and the Edmonton Eskimos for their strong support to the military families who do so much for our country!

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