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Unstoppable at 75, Ann Bourke registers for sixth Canada Army Run

Unstoppable at 75, Ann Bourke registers for sixth Canada Army Run

When Ann Bourke turned 70 years old, she registered for Canada Army Run in support of ill and injured members and Veterans. Six years later she is a top fundraiser. Here’s her story in her own words.

“The point of my story is that it’s not about me. It’s about the women and men who serve our country in the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s about the generous people who have donated to me over the years.
And, only lastly, is it about me.

"I walk in memory and in support of serving members, past and present. In memory of my grandfather, an Army officer who fought in the trenches during World War I. He lost a lung having been gassed in the fighting.  My father was an Army officer in World War II, who also was injured but after rehab was deployed to India.  Like many others, he was gone for a long time.

"I’ve often wondered if my grandfather and father sustained invisible wounds alongside their visible wounds. We wouldn’t know because they never talked about it. Neither received support or treatment, and to be honest there probably wasn’t any.

"My story is about the women and men in uniform who have suffered injuries, visible and invisible. On race day, seeing the Soldier On members at the start line is truly remarkable.

"I’m older now and my joints don’t let me run, but that’s OK. I can still do this, and I will still do this so long as my knees let me.”

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