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Region-Specific Grants

Supporting your local military community

Thanks to the generosity of your local corporate partners and donors, we are sometimes able to offer region-specific support in addition to our national programs.
Below you will find a summary of the additional support that is currently available, based on province.
Since 2014, more than $2.7 million has been allocated to support local initiatives in Alberta for serving members, military youth, and veterans in the province from the proceeds of sales of the License Plate Program in Alberta. Military families in Alberta can apply for the following initiatives:
  • Recertification, training or education grant of up to $3.5K for spouse/significant other to increase success of securing employment; 
  • Club, activity or sport grant of up to $300 for spouse/children within the first year of the new posting;  
  • Helping Children Stay in Touch - a one-time grant per household of up to $250 to assist with the purchase of an iPad or Tablet for the family of a deployed member; and
  • Miscellaneous grants to assist members who are transitioning to civilian life.
CAF Transition Groups within Alberta can apply for:
  • Support for local activities to ensure members feel connected to the community; and
  • Support to serving ill and injured members to address a medical need.  Injury / illness must be related to service or have commenced while a member of the CAF.
Military members and their families currently residing in Alberta are welcome to contact their local Financial Counsellor, local MFRC or local Support Our Troops contact for more information regarding eligibility and how to apply.

Every year, Support Our Troops awards dozens of exceptional and deserving military spouses and dependents with scholarships to pursue their post-secondary goals. Thanks to the License Plate Program, $10,000 is disbursed annually to Manitobans from military families pursuing post-secondary education in the province through the National Scholarship Program.

Thanks to the License Plate Program as well as funds raised through a Support Our Troops Gala, additional funds are available for MFRCs and military families in Saskatchewan who require financial support. Military families in Saskatchewan can apply for the following initiatives:
  • Support for medical travel for specialized appointment. Information on how to apply is available through the local MFRC; and
  • Annual Scholarships

Application forms and contact lists