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Assistive Equipment Grants

The Assistive Equipment Grants ensure that ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members have access to necessary equipment to aid their recovery and rehabilitation.

Limited grants* may be available to assist eligible applicants with such items as, but not limited to:

  • Additional counselling (limited number of sessions)
  • Tool and/or safety equipment related to future employment
  • Courses for adaptive equipment
  • Deck extensions
  • Mattresses
  • Mental health therapy equipment
  • Essential minor home modifications
  • Vehicle purchases and modifications
*A grant request will not be considered if an applicant has already received previous support for that same purpose.
Any Canadian Armed Forces member / veteran with a service related condition.

Applications are accepted year-round.

Serving Canadian Armed Forces Members need to submit their application through their local CAF Transition Center.

Veterans need to submit their application through Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

The funds cannot duplicate what is covered through an existing publicly funded benefit or other program. The item being requested cannot be detrimental to a medical treatment plan and must be recommended by a health professional.

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