This page will address questions you may have about the Support Our Troops National Summer Camps Program. 
This is a fee reimbursement program, entirely funded through donations from Canadian companies and individuals and as such, the funding available varies from year to year. Funds are allocated to eligible serving families on a first come, first serve online application basis, prioritizing first time campers. 
This program is open to applications by serving members/spouses of serving members.  Please check that you meet the eligibility criteria on our website and can provide the required documentation.  We only accept applications through the online application portal, complete your application there once it opens. National Summer Camps Program - Support Our Troops  The Camps Program Coordinator will review applications and send approval emails with further instructions to all eligible applicants.
The application portal opens in the spring of every year.  Check our website regularly for updates regarding eligibility, applications and opening dates: National Summer Camps Program - Support Our Troops
Due to the nature of the program, we cannot guarantee a family will receive a grant and therefore, if they choose to register a child for camp prior to receiving a grant approval and pay a non-refundable deposit, the parents are responsible for this fee if their grant application is not approved.
Yes, we do need the stated mandatory documents to be uploaded into the application in order to validate your eligibility and fulfil the reimbursement criteria.  Please note:  It is the responsibility of the member/applicant to access and submit the documents, as the Camps Program Coordinator will not contact third parties in order to collect your information.
  1. Yes, you can apply.  However, we do need all of the mandatory information regarding the member, as payment will be issued to the member’s account or a joint bank account.  Under certain circumstances, the spouse’s banking information is sufficient.
  2. Please contact the Camps Program Coordinator for further assistance: camps@cfmws.com
A Reserve Force member that is currently on a contract of 180 days or more is eligible to apply for funding as long as their family also fits within the application eligibility criteria.
  1. No.  The SOT National Summer Camps Program does not run, administrate, nor accredit any camps.  We simply reimburse fees paid by pre-approved families once they submit proof their child/children attended the camp included on their application.
  2. Parents choose the federally, provincially or municipally accredited camp they wish to send their child/children to; disclose this preferred choice in the online application and once approved for funding, submit receipts for reimbursement after camp attendance.
No. The grants are only to be used for camp fees.  Parents are responsible for transportation to and from camp.
a. The reimbursement amounts will no longer be restricted to one week.  This will allow families more flexibility regarding the funding allotted to them. However, each pre-approved child will still receive only one grant per summer to cover receipts up to the maximum approved in their chosen camp category (Day/Residential or Special Needs Day/Residential). 
  • Up to maximum $700 towards residential or day camp for each child
  • Up to maximum $1,100 towards residential OR day camp for a special needs
In other words, you can submit receipts for multiple weeks of camp, but we will only reimburse up to $700 per child for a Day Camp/Residential Camp; or up to $1100 for a special needs child.

b. If camp fees exceed the pre-approved funding of either $700 or $1,100, parents will be responsible for any amounts above the pre-approved limit.
Your reimbursement should appear in your account 4- 6 weeks after submission of your paid receipts.  If you do not see it after that time, please contact the Camps Program Coordinator: camps@cfmws.com
  1. This program is a reimbursement program; parents pay their camp fees up front and then submit paid receipts after their child/children have attended camp.
  2. Currently, Camp Maple Leaf is the only exception of payment directly to the camp due to volume of campers attending. 
  3. If you have any concerns, contact the Camps Program Coordinator:camps@cfmws.com

If after reading this FAQ you still have any questions or concerns regarding the application or the process, please contact the Camps Program Coordinator: camps@cfmws.com