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Serving Canadian Armed Forces Member

  • Regular Force Members:  includes officers and non-commissioned members who are enrolled for continuing, full-time military service.  Includes students on full-time study status (such as Regular Officer Training Program).
  • Reserve Force Members: includes the Primary Reserve (serving on one of three classes of service – A, B and C), the Canadian Rangers and the Cadet Organization Administrative and Training Service.


Regular or Reserve Force member of the Canadian Armed Forces who has successfully completed Basic Military Training, and has been released from the Canadian Armed Forces with an honourable discharge.


  • The member’s spouse or common-law partner who is normally residing with the member at the member’s place of duty or who, if living separately, is doing so for military reasons;
  • A relative by blood, marriage, common-law partnership, adoption legally or, is normally resident with the member and for whom the member may claim a personal exemption under the Income Tax Act;
  • A child who is normally resident with the member and for whom the member would have been eligible to claim a personal exemption under the Income Tax Act if the child were a relative by blood, marriage, common law partnership, adoption legally or, in fact, for whom the member has accepted full financial responsibility and has commenced adoption proceedings;
  • A child or legal ward of the spouse or common-law partners and the member who is single and in full-time attendance at school or university and is under the age of 26; and
  • A family member who is permanently residing with the member, but who is precluded from qualifying as a dependant under the Income Tax Act because the family member receives a pension.   

Family Member of a Former Canadian Armed Forces Member

Family members as defined above, and families of the deceased (surviving spouses, common law partners and children). For deceased members without dependants as per above, includes their parents/guardians.