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Honoring Natalie Pozer – The Face of the Support Our Troops Art Easel Program

Thanks to the support of Canadians, the Art Easel Program has raised over $1M to help military members just like Sergeant-Major Natalie Pozer and their families.

This May, Carla Drisdelle was shopping at her local Beer Store, when she noticed a familiar face featured on the Support Our Troops Art Easel in the store - her daughter! Carla’s daughter, Sergeant-Major Natalie Pozer and her 7-year-old daughter are the face of the Support Our Troops Art Easel Program, an initiative that allows Canadians to support charitable causes like Support Our Troops by bidding on Canadian Made, fully licenced sports, music and traditional art prints.

Upon seeing the art easel, Carla asked the Beer Store Manager, Danielle Patterson, if she could reach out to Funding Innovation to ask for a copy of the easel board that features her daughter and granddaughter.
When Funding Innovation received the request, they decided to go one step further. They produced two framed versions of the image featured on the easel board along with a Support Our Troops coin and the following inscription:

“This is presented to Natalie Pozer in recognition of your service to the Canadian Armed Forces and for being the face of the Support Our troops Art Easel Program. Thanks to individuals like you, as of May 2022, the Art Easel Program has raised over $1,000,000 to fund Support Our Troops programs that provide assistance as required to Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their families

In July 2022, one of the framed images was presented to Carla Drisdelle at the Lindsay, Ontario Beer Store by: Meg McNamara, Director of Field Operations at Funding Innovation, Peter Virgil, local Funding Innovation Fundraising Consultant and Danielle Patterson, Beer Store Manager.

A second copy of the framed image is being sent to Sergeant-Major Pozer, who is currently serving as the Sergeant-At-Arms, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The 150 Beer Store locations hosting Support Our Troops art easels have already raised over $125,000 in donation income for Support Our Troops! If you’re interested in hosting one of our easels at your place of business, email for more information.