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Dishing up donations with a side of birthday cake

Dishing up donations with a side of birthday cake

While most nine-year-olds wouldn’t willingly forgo birthday presents, Jaymes Kinna does so enthusiastically … every year!

Not many nine-year-olds would willingly forgo birthday presents. Jaymes Kinna, however, enthusiastically raises thousands of dollars for Soldier On in lieu of birthday presents every year. For his ninth birthday, he arranged an ice-skating party raising over $1,400.

This year he will be participating in the Canada Army Run as part of the “Friends of Solider On” team.

"After the Afghan conflict, I was really inspired to give back. This year I'm participating in Canada Army Run, as I feel it's the right thing to do. Imagining the smiles this money will put on peoples’ faces really makes me happy.”

Despite his young age, Jaymes continues to set an example of citizenship, leadership and community that all Canadians can aspire to emulate.
Register for Canada Army Run: Virtual to run, walk, or roll in support of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families.

The Royal Canadian Legion’s red poppy is in full bloom at this year’s Canada Army Run: Virtual

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