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Extra support available for military families

Extra support available for military families

Your support helps military families maintain resiliency during times of financial hardship

Military families can be challenged either short-term or long-term in achieving financial well-being due to the unique nature of their lifestyle. Frequent moves, lengthy absences, and the risks and transitions associated with serving in physically demanding and sometimes dangerous situations all have an impact on the health and well-being of military families, and often, their finances.  These circumstances all directly impact the financial stability of a family.

Emergency Financial Assistance is available for military families in financial distress, who need extra support because of challenges arising from the Canadian Armed Forces service.

Thanks to gifts from our generous donors, Support Our Troops can help bring relief to members in uniform and their families during times of distress and emergency.

Here are some first-hand experiences of how Support Our Troops Emergency Financial Assistance has benefitted military members and their families:

“My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude. My husband was recently released from the Canadian Forces following his battle with depression and PTSD and upon his release, we had a 6-8 week waiting period between his regular military pay and his Veteran pay. With two small children, rent, groceries, and bills to pay, we were not sure how we would manage without a pay cheque. It is such a comfort to know that there was financial help for us when we needed it the most!” – Anonymous

“Very simply, the grant I received was the only thing that saved my family and me from homelessness. My family and I lost our home and our life savings. Without the grant, we would have had no way of moving our possessions out of the home we lost. This grant was the only thing that enabled us to survive that month, and without it, I believe my family would have dissolved. “- Anonymous 

“Emergency Grants at this time are crucial to our members in Halifax.  With rising costs, we are seeing members at times fall short on basic needs.  Emergency Grants are used to fill the gap while more permanent solutions can be put in place or other resources sought.  These grants often allow members to put food on the table for their families and ensure they have the fuel to get to work and continue to serve.”- SISIP Financial Counsellor

Under Armour partners with Support Our Troops to help send military children to summer camp

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