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In Memoriam: Honorary Colonel Helen Vari

Support Our Troops would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Helen Vari.
Serving as an Honorary Colonel of the Toronto Scottish Regiment is just one of the legacies left behind by Madam Vari, who along with her husband George, so generously devoted her life to helping others, specifically the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).
The George and Helen Vari Foundation Education Bursary Program, facilitated by Support Our Troops, will continue to help our serving CAF members achieve their academic dreams. The George and Helen Vari Foundation’s Endowment gift of $1 million to Support Our Troops established the George and Helen Vari Canadian Armed Forces Education Fund in 2020 to support education for Regular and Reserve force Canadian Armed Forces members.
We are honoured to keep the legacy of Helen Vari alive through the George and Helen Vari Foundation Education Bursary Program. The program will continue to ease financial burdens for CAF members and help them pursue their academic aspirations.
Her contributions and generous spirit will always be remembered, and she will be missed.

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