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National Summer Camps Program

For 11 years, the National Summer Camps Program has offered children of eligible, serving military families of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Community the opportunity to receive reimbursement grants to attend an accredited summer camp of their choice (day or residential camp).

Thanks to the generous contributions from donors across Canada, Support Our Troops supports the camp attendance of nearly 400 children each year.


We have presently exhausted all available funding for 2024. As a result, we will no longer be accepting camp applications for this season.​

For more detailed information and latest updates click on + to expend the sections below and consult our FAQ.

The National Summer Camps Program provides a reimbursement grant of up to a maximum of $900 towards camp fees for day or residential camp.

The grant is ONE per eligible child, per summer and can be used for multiple weeks of camp for that child.

Support Our Troops prioritizes first-time campers. Grants for returning campers will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

A waitlist may be established.

Please review the program criteria for participation along with required supporting documentation below:

a) Child of a CAF member serving away from their family:
Document required:
•    Deployment/prolonged training/attached posting message* – current OR scheduled in 2024.
*If the above documentation is not available, an email or letter from the Unit Commanding Officer or Deputy Commanding Officer supporting the current year deployment(s) can be accepted.

b) Child of a serving ill or injured member of the CAF:
Document required:
•    Posting message to CAF Transition Group/Transition Unit
•    Email/letter from the CAF TU/CAF TC outlining support for camp attendance
•    Copy of member's personnel record resume (MPRR) indicating that the member is still serving AND specifying a Temporary Medical Category (TCat) OR a Military Employment Limitation (MEL).

c) Special needs child and/or one sibling per special needs child of a serving CAF member:
Document required:
•    Diagnosis letter from a qualified physician or medical organization
•    Copy of personnel record resume (MPRR) indicating dependents.

d) Bereaved child of a deceased CAF member:
•    No documentation required.

e) Currently serving military families who do not fit the above eligibility but have dealt with other unique or exceptional challenges* may be considered, if recommended by their Chain of Command:
Document required:
•    Nomination letter/email from the Unit Commanding Officer or Deputy Commanding Officer outlining the family’s unique or exceptional challenges* and supporting the nomination.
*Examples of unique or exceptional challenges a family can face: critical illness or death of a parent, divorce/separation or financial hardship.  A family posting is not considered a unique challenge.

Application Process:

  • Complete a Support Our Troops National Summer Camps Grant Application Form ONLINE (Apply Now button will appear at bottom of page on opening) and include each eligible child seeking a camp grant
  • Online applications for camp grants will open at 8:00am EST on the date indicated
  • The applications must include prospective camps information such as website and costs
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Support Our Troops Camps Program Coordinator
  • All successful applicants will be notified by email with further instructions for reimbursement.
If you choose to register your child for camp prior to receiving a grant approval and pay a non-refundable deposit, you are responsible for this fee even if your grant is not approved. 

Receiving the Grant:

Please note that grants are distributed AFTER attendance at camp. Following the camper’s return from camp, you will need to provide the following to receive reimbursement: 

  • Official camp invoices/receipts indicating proof of payment
  • Banking information
  • Service Number or valid CFOne number.

The grant money will be distributed as a direct payment to your bank account, which may take four to six weeks.

Camp invoices and receipts must be submitted by September 30, 2024. Missing this deadline could result in forfeiting your grant.

For more detailed information, consult our FAQ.

  • Grants are intended to help with the cost of camp fees only and cannot be used for: separate transportation, camp T-shirts, supplies, Tuck Shop fees or as a donation. In the case of Special Needs campers, the cost of a support worker required to facilitate attendance may be included with receipts.  Other use of these funds will be subject to the Code of Service Discipline.
  • Grants are distributed as only ONE per child, per summer and cannot be combined/shared between siblings, even if another sibling is approved.
  • Reserve Force members must be on a current contract of 180 days or more
  • Support Our Troops is not responsible for reimbursement of any fees or charges related to the cancellation of any summer camp. All applying families are encouraged to verify with their camp of choice for information on any specific cancellation policies, and/or related charges
  • For more detailed information, consult our FAQ.
It is recommended that selected residential or day camps be accredited by federal, provincial or municipal camp associations. However, parents can choose camps other than those listed below as an accredited camp may not be available in all locations. This is a courtesy list to help parents begin their search for camps.  Other possible camp options could be Personnel Support Program (PSP) or YMCA camps, municipality or city run camps, or local private camps e.g., arts, sports, horse riding or outdoor adventure camps.

Residential or day camps MUST be registered, reputable businesses, with legitimate summer camps that are publicly advertised as camps.  Please check your chosen camp's safety guidelines, cancellation policies and their ability to provide an official receipt which is mandatory for reimbursement.
Accredited Camp Associations:


National Summer Camps Program Coordinator