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Small Preventive Loan

You may qualify for a small loan of up to $8,000 to assist with:
  • emergency situations such as compassionate travel
  • urgent home and car repairs
  • prevention of financial distress
  • health and safety related issues
  • education, if you have been denied through the BMO Student Line of Credit Program
Monthly Repayment Table
  30 months 36 months 42 months
$5000.00 $178.77 n/a n/a
$5500.00 $196.65 n/a n/a
$6000.00 $214.52 $181.18 n/a
$6500.00 $232.40 $196.27 n/a
$7000.00 $250.28 $211.37 $183.60
$7500.00 $268.15 $226.47 $196.72
$8000.00 $286.03 $241.57 $209.83
Veterans and their families as well as Regular and Reserve Force serving members and their families as outlined in the Member Personnel Record Resume (MPRR).
You may be required to provide documentation demonstrating your need, such as copies of recent bills, invoices, or statements. If this documentation is not available, you may provide other information supporting your application such as an email or fax from the provider.

Application forms and contact lists